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 HuaMu is located in the ceramic tile with ceramic capital "in one thousand," said the foshan, is a collection of ceramic tile product research and development, production and sales in the integration of modern ceramic tile manufacturing enterprises, innovation as the soul, with products as the basis, is committed to creating specialized and diversified brand ceramic tile, ceramic tile industry trendsetter fashion, is a rising star building materials industry. Our products include full-body marble medium plate, anion ecological brick, diamond marble, platinum crystal jade, full-body marble, porcelain marble, archaize brick, etc.
Professional development and design team. The ceramic tile of the profound historical culture at the same time, into the international popular element, successfully to market the unique characteristics of the HuaMu ceramic tile products, through the artistic expression of fashion, personality meet the stringent requirements of high-end designer, with excellent product quality to become many engineering companies, decoration companies, real estate developers the ceramic tile of suppliers, products are widely used in home outfit, hotels, villas, commercial space and other fields.
Strong manufacturing strength. Modern production base has introduced the inkjet printer, three-dimensional fabric technology, big tonnage press machine and other advanced equipment, porcelain technology gives the product intensive, micron inkjet technology, chromatography calibration technology and the three-dimensional crystal melting technology, realistic restore natural texture, high-definition three-dimensional nature, selection of high quality glaze, this is the source of the product quality guarantee, is also the strength of HuaMu ceramic tile, the production process strictly enforce the ISO9001 standard management system, keep improving the quality of product, will be presented to consumers in a perfect product, behind do every detail, enterprise passed the 3 c certification, green, environmental protection, safety, health, Strong technological support products lead consumers into a new era of "green living".
Mature customer service system. HuaMu ceramic tile adhering to the "customers first, cooperation first, pragmatic and win-win" of the enterprise purpose, relying on the cover service network all over the country, with professional, high quality, strong execution of pre-market after-sales service team, for each distributor with all friends, partners and customers with a full service, to select HuaMu ceramic tile every customer can find satisfaction in HuaMu ceramic tile decoration material plan.
Huamu ceramic tile will be in the development, give full play to the enterprise's design, research and development, technology, innovation, service five advantages, to meet the different levels of personalized consumer demand, leading the new trend of decoration space, huamu ceramic tile will promote the development of China's building materials brand.


Corporate culture

“Insist on technological innovation and realize product differentiation.”

“Adhere to customer first, find and meet customer needs.”

“Shaping the image of the enterprise and strongly building the brand of Huamu ceramic tile.”

“Admission of talents, adhere to the principle of talent-based.”